Free Survey & Design

Following our initial detailed discussions to help us understand your requirements, our commitment starts with a free survey and design service. By visiting your property, working from plans or liaising with your architect, we will provide you with estimated costs and a detailed, competitively priced proposal.

We will discuss options to suit your budget and even consider lease purchase finance if you need your capital for other projects.

For your peace of mind, at 4 Seasons we have Professional Indemnity Insurance.  For large capital projects, we work with our design partners, Hurstwood Environmental Consulting, with offices in London, Liverpool and Bolton.  We will consider the use of renewable and sustainable energy, whilst maintaining a practical cost effective solution.

Installation program

Before work begins:

We prepare for you a proposal document, which contains a detailed specification and explains what equipment is going where. Pipe routes will be explained in detail, often supported by photographs taken during the survey or marked on plans provided by yourself or your architect. We will have also provided a specification for your electrical contractor and discussed any building work with you or your main contractor.

You will receive from 4 Seasons a comprehensive ‘Risk and Safety Method of Work Statement’, containing details of the scope and sequence of work.  One of our air conditioning engineers will visit site to discuss these documents and the proposed installation works with you.  Depending on the size of the project, the air conditioning equipment, access equipment and materials may be delivered prior to the start date.


Installation & commissioning work:

Following the Risk assessment and discussions with you and other contractors working on site, our team will commence the installation work, where possible during normal working hours.  However, some elements of building work and some installation work may need to be carried out during evenings and weekends.

When the installation works are completed, the systems will be tested and commissioned in line with Manufacturer’s instructions.  The F-GAS regulations and commissioning documents will then be completed.

Initial instruction on the use of the air conditioning system will be given to the system users, and, if required, operation manuals may be handed over.  Following this, a senior project manager will return to carry out an inspection of the installation work, hand over commission paperwork and discuss the Manufacturer-backed parts and labour warranty, which can now be valid for up to 7 years.