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Why should I get my air conditioning serviced?

Your air conditioning will have been working hard all summer, hopefully without a problem.  If so, why should you think about getting it serviced?  Well, just like your car or boiler, your air conditioning needs regular servicing to ensure it works effectively and efficiently for years to come.

The filters, coils and fins all require regular maintenance for the unit to work efficiently.  The refrigerant levels, pumps and electronics also need regular professional service.  It’s much better to get it serviced now, rather than waiting for costly faults and problems to arise!  Continue reading

Common problems with air conditioning – and how to avoid them!

Air conditioning, working away quietly in the background, we hardly even notice it.  That is until something goes wrong.  Like all complex systems there can be many different reasons your air conditioning goes wrong – many are avoidable with good maintenance.  Although you can fix some of the simpler ones yourself we would always recommend that you call in the experts, like 4 Seasons Air Conditioning, to deal with more complex problems.

Here we look at some of the most common faults that can crop up with your air conditioning and what you need to do. Continue reading

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