Air Conditioning and Legislation

In the air conditioning business there are industry standards and guide lines from organizations, such as BSRIA or CIBSE.   However, as an owner or operator of air conditioning systems it is Legislation which you need to be aware of and comply with.

At 4 Seasons, whilst we are carrying out Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) on your behalf, we will ensure that you comply with current legislation, or advise you what amendments are required in order to bring you up to date.

If you are not currently a 4 Seasons customer, we can offer a free call out to advise you what needs to be done to ‘make you legal’.

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Specific legislation

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive – Air conditioning inspections

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive is designed to help reduce carbon emissions from buildings. One of its articles states that all air conditioning systems over 12kW should be inspected regularly – at least every five years.  These inspections will highlight ways to reduce carbon emissions and may also reduce running costs.
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F-Gas regulations

F-Gas is the term used to describe fluorinated gasses. F-Gas regulations relate to air conditioning products that use fluorinated gasses as their refrigerant. These gasses are R134a, R407C and R410A and all come under the regulation. The objective is to ensure containment by raising professionalism and good record keeping.
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R22 replacement – The legislation and your options

R-22 is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) and was commonly used in air conditioning, process chillers and industrial refrigeration plant applications. It will soon be phased out, due to ozone depletion potential and status as a potent greenhouse gas. These changes in legislation will affect any company that sustains the need for or has a huge requirement for R22 refrigeration.
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Legionnaires Disease – The Facts

Air-to-air air conditioning equipment does not generate the conditions required for legionella. As   with all home heating products, however, air-to-water heating systems have to pay attention to the hot water storage tank and ensure the controls are set for a sanitising period each day. You cannot contract Legionnaires disease from air conditioning systems designed and installed by 4 Seasons.
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R22 replacement
The legislation & your options

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Legionnaires Disease
The Facts

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Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

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